An Oven Toaster and A Polaroid

Moving meant a lot of packing, labelling, booking for pick up, keeping B/Ls, tracking, and waiting…a lot of waiting.  When the boxes arrive, to where we are going, there will be a whole new sequence of choreographed events of procrastinating, then opening boxes, unpacking, organizing, and starting over in the new place.

Right now, I am in the waiting state, and I miss baking and eating homemade baked goods!  All of my tools were shipped, except for a few things like a wire whisk, a stainless steel bowl, a few measuring tools, and an oven toaster.

I decided to make the sweet buns, modified this time to fit into the small oven toaster we have here in our little apartment.

Armed with the few baking tools, my small oven toaster and Instants (“Polaroid-effect” app for smartphone), I set out on this baking adventure, finished off with the fragrance of the sweet buns as I took them out of the oven!

polaroid 1


Proud of what you have become..

double choco cupcake
That little bundle of joy was you..
Mommy always held you with so much love..
She thought of you and always smiled..
And I felt leaving you.. was her greatest fear by far.

You are all grown up now..not that little bundle no more..
You have gone quite far now..and seen a bit of happy, of sad, and of hurt..

She was always there, I know..
And she is always proud..of what you have become..

Happy Birthday my little brother!